Machining the main cylinder

Precision landing achieved in the machining of titanium and high-alloy steels

The landing gear of an aircraft has to bear the total weight of the aircraft, its freight and its passengers. It must therefore absorb and dissipate all the dynamic forces, shocks and loads exerted on it, particularly when taxiing and landing. The main cylinder is the focal point of the landing gear. This heavily loaded component is generally constructed from titanium or high-alloy steels. However, it is not just the materials that are demanding; the components themselves are extremely complex. In addition to the tool technology, an optimum machining strategy is also needed.

Just as well that we already have suitable solutions and concepts available for contour milling, turning and drilling.

1. MaxiMill 211

Indexable insert milling system for machining large pockets, for plunging or for universal applications

  • Special insert design, perfect for plunge milling
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Suitable for various milling strategies and applications

2. HPC2 solid carbide universal milling cutter

High performance tool for steel machining

  • Small helix angle for low cutting force and large helix angle for rapid chip evacuation
  • Patented core diameter and helix angle

3. MaxiMill HFC

Roughing of large 3D areas at a high feed rate

  • Smaller indexable insert setting angle for stable machining even with large overhangs
  • Coated cutting material grade CTPP235 for reliable machining of high-alloy steel

4. ISO turning inserts

Standard or modified versions for customer-specific tool holders and turning strategies

  • Coated carbide grade CTCP125 for the process-secure machining of high-alloy steels
  • Different geometries for short chip formation, e.g. –SMF
  • Customer-specific indexable insert versions possible for different turning strategies

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