Small, strong, robust – centric vice ZSG mini makes a big difference

SIBA Metallverarbeitungs GmbH relies on the centric vice ZSG mini 

Successful sub-contract machining providers need to be flexible and respond quickly to customer requests. SIBA Metallverarbeitungs GmbH, based in Dillenburg, Germany, maximises its potential through innovative use of tooling and workholding, including clamping systems of all sizes from CERATIZIT. With the new ZSG mini centric vice, the company is now expanding its clamping range to include smaller workpieces.

A specialist in steel and aluminium machining, SIBA Metallverarbeitungs GmbH works with countless customers from sectors such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, the food industry, furniture-making and control cabinet construction. Founded in 1962 by Siegfried Bastian and currently in its third generation of family management, the company now has more than 60 employees working in production and management. 

Short response times for satisfied customers 

SIBA is geared towards maximum diversity, as Benjamin Herbert, Machining Production Manager explains: "Our portfolio includes sophisticated welded assemblies and we draw on a wide range of sheet metal processing methods including laser cutting, punching and bending. We also have capability for accepting and storing blanket orders, and processing these on request as well has planning work from A to Z – right through to final assembly. If someone needs a single part, we can help with that too – quickly and efficiently." 

That versatility and flexibility is one of the company's greatest strengths, not everyone can or will offer speedy response times, where the customer gets the required part within 24 or 48 hours. Vital to keeping its promises are its manufacturing efficiencies: "In order to deliver at this speed, we need clamping devices of all shapes and sizes in our machining department. We've been working successfully with CERATIZIT for some time now to make this happen. And, for us, the new ZSG mini has completed the range by including smaller components," explains Benjamin Herbert.

Dank guter Planung und effizienter Prozessabläufe können SIBA-Kunden so manches Mal in 24 oder 48 Stunden zu ihrem Bauteil kommen. 

Simple design, uncompromising functionality

When the small centric vice was first presented, Benjamin Herbert and his machining team at SIBA put it straight to work, and quickly saw the benefits of this new workholding system. "In terms of its design, the ZSG mini is actually very simple but uncompromising when it comes to its functionality. The various aspects that were taken into consideration in its design were definitely to our advantage: pull-down action, repeatability – it was perfect for us," adds Benjamin Herbert. 

Short changeover times thanks to easy handling

Rapid and easy handling is often the key factor in the race to reduce non-productive time to a minimum. The ZSG mini scores highly here too, as Benjamin Herbert confirms: "The ZSG mini is actually very nice to use, especially because of its excellent accessibility. The advantages of the ZSG mini become clear particularly when large pallets need to be equipped or where situations involving difficult-to-reach areas such as clamping towers or multiaxial processing need to be tackled. It can be mounted very quickly from one side and doesn't need to be screwed underneath!" 

"But what saves an enormous amount of time is the quick change system for the jaws. They can be replaced in a matter of seconds without any tools at all by extracting them at an angle through the centre," explains Lukas Faak, Technical Consulting & Sales Cutting Tools at CERATIZIT. Once in place the jaws are totally secure in the base body thanks to the integrated pull-down action generated by two spring pressure pins, that ensure total machining precision and quality. "I can insert and clamp the part during initial clamping, and the jaws hold the workpieces securely in place – without any additional pre-stamping. And I can start cutting, including ambitious milling processes, without worrying about anything," says Benjamin Herbert. Adding to the robust nature of the vices, the base body is also made from hardened stainless steel, which makes it resistant to external influences. 

Holistic, not one-sided

Holistic, not one-sided

"What makes working with CERATIZIT so special is the fact that from the outset they've been very involved in our processes. In other words, they've been proactive in trying to understand our needs and have always gone above and beyond: with tools, materials and ideas. This has resulted in an excellent collaboration over the past six years," stresses Benjamin Herbert. 

In addition to clamping devices, SIBA also successfully uses adapters and tools from CERATIZIT. "The increasing challenges in the market today mean we need to be flexible and react quickly. That's why we've also decided to use the ToolOMat from CERATIZIT. Here, we can store tools, use them flexibly and keep them available at any time – regardless of delivery times or supply chains!"