Article no.: 40560...
REAMAX – Replaceable reaming heads

Article description

Up to tolerance class IT 7 with absolute process security, from the first hole
Maximum changeover precision guaranteed
Maximum radial run-out accuracy thanks to precision-ground face and taper contact
No Ø adjustment necessary
Optimised for use with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)
Retraction from the hole at 3-4x feed rate
KLG = Coupling size

For xxxx please indicate requested Ø in H7 in the order (e.g.  15.89 H7 - article no. 40 540 1589)!
All other diameters and tolerance zones are also possible (e.g. 18.5 + 0.025 or 18 N7).

Technical data

Cutting edge length / L
9 mm
Coating name / Grade (Ceratizit) / COATN