BluFlex2 | Precision adjustment head

It gets even better - the second generation

As well as its unbeatable, innovative and highly precise characteristics, the second, fully revamped version of our MicroKom BluFlex system also features a modern high contrast OLED display and extremely easy handling.

  • Micron-precise display resolution: 0.001 mm in diameter
  • Using just an Allen key, the precision adjustment head can be adjusted and clamped radially
  • Modern, high contrast OLED display on the precision adjustment head itself
  • Display can be rotated through 180°
  • Straightforward operation via the touch display
  • Additional Bluetooth® Low Energy interface for easy display on any conventional smartphone (Android™ 4.4 and iOS® 10 or above)
  • Higher RPM due to integrated part imbalance correction
  • Highly sensitive adjustment for precise operation
  • Absolute position measuring system – the absolute and relative slide position is output every time the device is switched on
  • Universal ABS® interface
  • Batteries are easy to replace
  • 1:1 compatible with the number of possible variations of the previous system