Full process control with ToolScope

Digital monitoring for your production

Keep a close eye on your processes

CERATIZIT is paving the way for the digital future of machining. A central element of this is the ToolScope monitoring and control system, which continuously records signals from the machine that are generated during the production process. This data is visualised and used to monitor and adjust the machine.

  • Process data is captured, visualised and evaluated by ToolScope
  • Deviations are identified in real time
  • ToolScope optimises your manufacturing processes automatically
  • The machine status is monitored for maintenance purposes 
  • If impact collisions occur, an emergency stop is triggered (airbag for the machine)
  • Overloading of the tool and the machine tool can be prevented
  • Tool life analysis
    (data about the use of the tool is captured) 
  • Machining time analysis
    (analysis of machine downtimes and the reasons for them)
  • 100% control of the workpiece: critical process parameters are documented 
    (ensures the quality level)

Process control

TS-PM: Process monitoring

ToolScope automatically learns the optimum process flow and responds to any deviations in the machining operation.

  • Detection of tool breakage
  • Reduction of resultant damage to the tool, workpiece and machine
  • Can be quickly and easily adapted to the production processes
  • Enables unmanned production through 100% inspection of the workpieces

Wear detection

ToolScope identifies worn tools based on the average process force. This makes it possible to fully exploit the reserve of the tool.

  • Reduces tool costs / tool breakages
  • Increases machine availability
  • Optimises tool usage

TS-AFC: Adaptive feed control

Feed control accelerates the process where it is safe to do so and simultaneously protects the tool by intercepting load peaks.

  • Reduces of cycle times and provides overload protection
  • Increases tool life
  • Increases machine availability

Machine protection

CD: Collision detection

Collision detection detects impact collisions at high speed through an acceleration sensor. An emergency stop is triggered in less than 1 ms to prevent major damage.

  • Reduces repair costs
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Documents collisions

TS-CM: Condition monitoring

This captures the "fingerprint" of the machine, allowing machine status trends to be displayed. Observing the trend makes it easier for the maintenance team to implement the required action.

  • Allows for early detection of bearing damage to axles and spindles.
  • Provides support in planning maintenance measures and troubleshooting

Documentation & digitalisation

TS-TCLog: Tool change log

Records tool usage based on the number of pieces machined or the tool life counter to reduce administrative workload. Analysing deviations in the tool life allows potential areas for optimisation to be identified.

TS-MDA: Machine data analysis

Records machine production data and saves this data for further analysis. Production data includes machine downtimes and the reasons for this. The analysis of this data can enable large productivity increases.

TS-QRep: Quality documentation

Monitoring and real-time documentation as proof of quality for critical processes. Special monitoring standards "GEP11TF12" and "MTV548-4" for the aerospace industry to assure quality standards are also supported.

TS-Connect: Network functions

When ToolScope is incorporated in a company network, data can be automatically transferred to a server or network drive.
This guarantees long-term data storage, an automated back-up function and remote access.

ToolScope is the ideal solution to meet your specific needs, as this example from one of our customers shows:

1. Reduction in cycle times of up to 15%

  • Finish machining with adaptive feed control

2. Increase in process security of up to 25%

  • Over turning and countersinking the fuel line connection with process monitoring

3. Increase in tool life of up to 30%

  • Various drilling, turning and milling operations with wear monitoring.
  • Optimum tool life
  • Additional tool usage with ToolScope
    ToolScope’s wear monitoring enables the tool’s life reserves to be used without any concerns
The benefits of our service
  • ToolScope functions individually tailored to your requirements
  • On site support when implementing new processes and components
  • Training and software updates to keep you up to date