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Battery tray machining

Take charge: efficient volume production of the battery box

1. Face milling the long seating surfaces

HPC PCD milling cutters

  • Significant reduction in the primary processing time of up to 72%
  • 3D-printed milling ring for maximum number of cutting edges and perfect coolant supply
  • Maximum cutting speeds and service life for efficient production
  • Reduced burr formation and quieter running than conventional PCD milling cutters
  • PCD cutting edges can be re-lasered
  • Available as face mills, screw-in cutters or monoblock milling cutters from stock (dia. 10 – 100 mm)

2. Drilling, threading and chamfering the screw thread in a single operation

Thread milling cutter

  • Three tools in one
  • Extremely efficient when large quantities of threads are to be produced
  • Precise thread depths with accurate repeatability
  • Over 50% reduction in the primary processing time, thanks to high cutting speed and feed
  • No chip residue in the thread
  • High-speed cutting (HSC) can be performed
  • Free TPT app for creating CNC programs and for use as a tool finder