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Houses all the individual parts such as bearings, synchroniser rings and gears

Contains the bevel gear set for wheel compensation

1. Gearbox housing

Six manual gears and up to nine in automatic transmissions are a common feature today. The gearbox is protected and supported by a housing consisting mainly of cast aluminium alloy, which is no small feat to manufacture. Ever tighter geometric and positional tolerances call for extreme care when designing the tool. Only the right machining concept can fulfil these stringent requirements. Tools with a long overhang often have to carry out several machining operations simultaneously, and in a manner that is process-secure. 
At the same time, minimum quantity lubrication is often used instead of traditional wet lubrication for environmental and financial reasons – with our tools this means no compromises when it comes to cutting data and cycle times.

2. Reaming and fine boring the selector unit bore with minimum quantity lubrication

1. Reaming and counterboring the selector fork group with minimum quantity lubrication

3. High-precision forward and reverse machining of the output shaft bore with minimum quantity lubrication

2. Differential housing

The differential plays a key role in a car's driving stability. On corners, it compensates for the difference in speed between the inner and outer wheels. Machining the inner contour of a differential is an extremely difficult task. Sophisticated tool systems, however, enable high-precision production methods to be used – with very little adjustment. 
Whether you are working with special-purpose machines or machining centres, we will help you corner the market with the aid of our perfect tool solutions.

1. Internal turning of the spherical countersinks

2. Internal turning of the spherical countersinks with a mechanically actuated special-purpose tool

3. Sphere production through bilateral countersinking