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Machining wheel suspension

Connecting element of the vehicle steering and vehicle bearing

Absorbs the axial and radial forces of the vehicle motion

Receives and transmits the kinetic energy of the wheel

1. Milling and drilling bearing housing

The complex geometries of a wheel bearing housing made of aluminium alloys often pose a challenge for many machine operators. For example, the milling and drilling operations in the bearing seat have to be increasingly process-secure, accurate and efficient, as they account for a significant proportion of the production time. The sheer variety of cylindrical, conical or spherical holes call for state-of-the-art machining centres and precision drills to ensure optimum machining – the latter of which we can provide.

1. Pre-machining the wheel bearing bore

2. Finish machining the mounting surfaces and wheel bearing bore

3. Semi-machining of the wheel bearing bore including flat surface

2. Grooving, turning and drilling bearings

Roller bearings are used wherever components rotate at high speed or heavy loads need to be set in rotational motion. Their simple design – inner ring, outer ring and rolling element – belies the sophisticated functions and high quality standards of these components. And the tool systems used must be up to the job, so that stringent requirements relating to service life and precision are met during the machining of these complex parts. Be it grooving, turning, drilling or all these things with a single tool, we support you in optimising your processes with multi-talented tools.

1. Drilling into solid, external turning, face turning and internal turning of the roller bearing contour

2. Drilling into solid, external turning, face turning and internal turning of the roller bearing contour

3. Machining wheel hub

It is often assumed that a wheel hub is an easy-to-produce turned part. However, producing these components from tempered steel as efficiently and precisely as possible requires long tool life. If wheel hubs made of case hardened material are specified, then in-depth expertise and intensive development work are needed to create the tool's cutting edge, in order to ensure continued precision and a long service life.

1. Drilling the wheel screw connections

2. Tapping the wheel screw connections

3. Finish machining the wheel hub outside profile