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KUB 100

The high performance all-rounder for outstanding productivity and reliability

The KUB 100 indexable insert drill – a high-performance drill that delivers top-quality results in the machining of extremely diverse materials. When it comes to quality, handling, performance and reliability, the KUB 100 represents a milestone. This is due to the perfect combination of expertise in powder metallurgy and the latest coating technology

Innovative indexable insert geometry

  • Just one indexable insert for both internal and external mounting
  • Indexable insert geometry with step for guided and controlled spot drilling
  • Optimum chip formation
  • PVD coating suitable for all materials – in particular steel and stainless steel
  • CVD coating for cast iron materials and high cutting speeds
  • Up to 30 % longer tool life compared to conventional indexable insert drills

Cleverly designed base body

  • Large, asymmetrically arranged chip flutes for optimum chip removal
  • Extremely rigid base body for low deflection and absorption of high transverse forces
  • Consistent deflection for virtually identical bore tolerances in all materials
  • Outstanding surface quality with no retraction scoring
  • Up to 20 % higher cutting and feed rate values, for extreme machining situations such as drilling through stacks, spot drilling on an edge, pointed corner or a weld joint or corrugated surface
Product range
  • Diameter range: 14 - 27mm
  • Length: 3xD
  • Connection: cylindrical shank
  • Total of 18 items

● = Main application, ○ = Secondary application

Hole depth 3xD
Drilling through a transverse hole
Stack plate drilling
Drilling on uneven surfaces
Core drilling
Spot drilling an edge
Spot drilling a convex surface
Spot drilling angled surfaces
Chain drilling
Drilling through a centre or pre-op

Spot drilling on a pointed corner

Spot drilling on an edge

Drilling through stacks

Spot drilling on a weld joint or corrugated surface