KOMtronic | U-Axis

Efficient Feed-Out Tools for Turning Contours on the Machining Centre when Working with a Stationary Workpiece

The freely programmable KOMtronic U-axis system make any contour and turning operations possible on non-rotationally symmetrical parts.

Combined with custom-made front tools and the optimum selection of inserts, contours in bores and external machining operations can be successfully carried out. This allows a considerable reduction in production times, with better surface quality and greater accuracy of form.

Higher Economy

  • Use of standard instead of special machines
  • Reduction in number of tools
  • No need for clamping devices for finish machining on turning machines

Reduced Unit Costs

  • Reduction in machining and throughput times
  • Savings on tool changes
  • Replacement of time consuming circular machining operations
  • Reduced holding times
  • High cutting capacity

Lower Operating Costs

  • Complete machining on one machine without the workpiece being rotated
  • Minimum power consumption because of U axis systems

U-axis in the production of medical technology

Watch the videos to see how the freely programmable KOMtronic U-axis system enables any contour and turning operations on non-rotationally symmetrical parts.

Steering, controlling, maintenance and much more!

With the web server you can now access your U-axis system from anywhere. Watch the video now.

Machining Examples for the U-Axis system


Turning Valve Seats

Bearing Seat

Bore with Coolant Passages

Tie rod

Undercutting Differential Housing

Internal Contour Turning

External Contour Turning

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