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We are the machining professionals, with expertise backed by more than 100 years of experience. Our engineers support you throughout the entire process, are on hand to help all over the world and provide straightforward and respectful advice. That’s JUST OUR THING.

Less talk – more action

Driving machining processes forward is our daily motivation. This is only possible with technical sales engineers that know what they are doing. We don’t see ourselves as salespeople; we are engineers that solve machining problems. We take a holistic view of the component and provide a complete machining solution. To do so, we perform precise analyses on how the material can be machined optimally, which tools are suitable and which adjustments to make in order to achieve the best possible performance. In this way we can extend tool lives significantly, make processes more reliable and analyse and implement savings potential in the production process.

The customer in focus

Requirements on the market are constantly changing. For contract manufacturers in particular, this means that they often have to make adjustments for the machining of new materials that they have never machined before, and at very short notice. High quality materials are more difficult to machine and require extensive experience and know-how. This is where CERATIZIT’s machining expertise comes into play. We give you an edge over the competition and show you how you can withstand cost and time pressure through the use of the right tool in combination with a suitable strategy. We provide straightforward and respectful advice, take a holistic approach and solve issues together with our customers. Further developing solutions together with our customers is JUST OUR THING.

Developing long-term strategies

Our solutions work because we use HIGH-QUALITY TOOLS that you can rely on and are available when you need them. We solve problems ad hoc when the situation requires it and develop sustainable strategies that enable our customers to survive in the competitive environment over the long term. To do so, we analyse processes precisely, calculate tool usage and deliver the cost-per-part estimate at the same time.

Innovation is the result of a strong foundation

If we do not have a solution in our range that meets your exact requirements, we can adapt our standard tools accordingly or develop custom-made products. Our solutions are not only based on 100 years of experience in machining, but also on an entire network of experts: we work closely together with our customers, machine, system and software manufacturers to continually develop existing tools and machining strategies further. After all, ideas for innovative products do not just materialise at a desk, but rather during conversations with the customer on site and from having a thorough understanding of the machining requirements.

Learn more about what makes us tick

Our tools stand for quality, precision and process security. With more than 65,000 different tools, we have the most comprehensive range of cutting tools in the world and a suitable solution for every application right from the start.

Be it a single item or large order, our main concern is that your goods are delivered as quickly as possible so that you can continue running your production processes reliably. All orders placed before 7pm will be shipped on the same day.

Advancing machining together with you is JUST OUR THING. Always getting the best out of your production processes, increasing productivity, reducing costs and making your processes more efficient are what drives us. Put us to the test!

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