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We offer the largest range of high-quality machining tools in the world. From standard to special solutions, we always have a suitable tool for you right from the start.

We respond to new materials with consistent quality

Requirements on the market are constantly changing. Materials of the future are harder, of better quality and are more robust, meaning that they are more difficult to machine. At the same time, our customers need to be able to machine new, complex components within a very short time frame and under cost and time pressure. Be it automotive and engines, aerospace, energy technology or heavy-duty machining, we understand the challenges in the relevant industries and deliver suitable tool solutions in proven quality. With the use of our high-quality tools for machining, you can extend tool lives, save costs and increase your process security.

We are a solutions provider and tool supplier

Our customers come to us with a specific request for a component that they have never machined before in this form. The material and the machine are fixed, but there are a wide range of options in between. Those who wish to succeed on the market and set themselves apart from competitors need to respond quickly.
Our team not only determines correct usage of the tools, but also creates the entire machining study, calculates tool lives and delivers the cost-per-part calculation at the same time.

Innovation: when 30% of products are less than 5 years old

Feedback from our customers is crucial for the further development of our tools and the development of new tools. Only in close cooperation with you can we respond to the growing challenges in the metalworking industry. Difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and stainless steel are a particular challenge and require maximum quality and new machining strategies. With our Dragonskin coating technology, we have improved the surface coatings of our tools for example, so that the tool lives could be extended significantly. We understand the requirements of the industries, obtain feedback, evaluate processes, gather experience, and respond to new trends quickly with product innovations. 30% of our tools are less than 5 years old.

Top quality in combination with an extensive range of tools worldwide

With 65,000 quality tools exclusively for machining applications, we have launched the most comprehensive product range onto the market. Be it turning, drilling, milling, grooving, boring or clamping, we offer a broad selection of innovative, state-of-the-art products for every application. All tools in our catalogue are listed with precise cutting data so that you know straight away whether the desired tool is suitable for your application. If you order from the online shop today, you will have the right tool the next day, ready to start your machining process. That’s JUST OUR THING. If desired, we can send you our comprehensive catalogue online or as a printed version.

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Our tools stand for quality, precision and process security. With more than 65,000 different tools, we have the most comprehensive range of cutting tools in the world and a suitable solution for every application right from the start.

Be it a single item or large order, our main concern is that your goods are delivered as quickly as possible so that you can continue running your production processes reliably. All orders placed before 7pm will be shipped on the same day.

Advancing machining together with you is JUST OUR THING. Always getting the best out of your production processes, increasing productivity, reducing costs and making your processes more efficient are what drives us. Put us to the test!

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