Custom motorcycles – Turning ideas into reality

Sergio Bayarri, founder of SBAY Motor Company from San Roque in Spain, had a dream: to build motorcycles that combine an extravagant cyberpunk look with peak performance. Clearly off-the-shelf parts were not the answer, so he had to design and produce many of them himself. Thanks to powerful CERATIZIT tools, SBAY shapes the wildest dreams of custom motorbike fans into personalized motorcycles with performance that truly packs a punch.

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Sergio Bayarri couldn't have found a better place for his custom motorbike workshop SBAY Motor Company: San Roque is only a few kilometres away from Gibraltar with a coastline offering picture book views all the way to Africa, making it an ideal starting point for an extra-special ride: especially on one of Sergio's custom-made motorbikes. "What drives our design? Performance! To achieve the best performance we have to reduce the weight of the motorcycle as much as possible and fine-tune all the components so that they work perfectly together. We don't build motorbikes just to look good. The way they look is a minor detail: performance comes above everything else," reveals Sergio Bayarri.


Replace anything that doesn't perform

The secret to Sergio's success? Attention to detail and the most important requirement: pushing every component to their limit of performance. "When I say performance, I don't mean maximum speed or the like. We design the entire package so that the motorbike rides and feels like a dream," says Sergio Bayarri.

We make the parts ourselves if we think they'll function better than those we can find on the market.
Sergio Bayarri
CEO and founder of SBAY Motor Company

That's why Sergio and his team spend many hours developing and fine-tuning the countless small and large custom parts required for each project, which are mostly made of aluminum. It's no surprise then that the tools used also have to be up to the job in terms of performance, variety and reliability. "Our CNC machine is in use for four to five hours to make our custom fuel tanks, for example. If a tool breaks down right in the middle of the process, sometimes the entire aluminum block has to be thrown into the recycling bin. We used to have a real problem with this," reports Sergio.

However, since SBAY has been working with Jose Ayala from CERATIZIT, these concerns have become a thing of the past. "Now everything works perfectly for us. Jose is a keen biker himself and advises us how we can best use the tools to fully benefit from their speed and cutting results, which works really well for us," adds Sergio.


Sergio Bayarri is the creative mind and developer behind SBAY Motor Company

Shaping aluminum

SBAY motorcycles are powered by solid V-twin engines. To apply their torque to the road in a way that can be controlled and makes the SBAY bikes more maneuverable, they are slimmed down in many places. One example of this would be the gearbox, which initially presented challenges. "The gearboxes are very low, but must be produced very precisely. The length of the tool previously caused problems with vibrations. After seeing the design, I was able to achieve excellent results with end mills from our AluLine series," recalls Jose Ayala. SBAY also uses indexable insert milling cutters from the MaxiMill 251- and MaxiMill 211 series as well as the K2000 shank copy milling cutter. "This tool combination was a great help for us. Since then, we haven't used anything else on the machine," confirms Sergio Bayarri.

Although aluminum is generally unproblematic for machining, when machine run times of up to five hours are needed, the tools have to perform right up to the last chip. Our AluLine milling cutters have got what it takes – even for extra-long stretches!
Jose Ayala
Sales Engineer at CERATIZIT in Spain

It takes a lot of work before a rider can feel the wind sweeping round their helmet on an SBAY custom bike: Sergio Bayarri puts his engineering skills and dedication into every single one of his customer's unique bikes. Thanks to the AluLine end mills and the MaxiMill indexable insert milling tools from CERATIZIT, he is able to create these high-performance, extraordinary looking aluminum dream bikes.

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