Sustainable and efficient drilling thanks to exchangeable inserts
The WPC – Change solid carbide drill gets it done

Think you can't have high-quality machining at an affordable price? Think again! Our WPC – Change and the corresponding WPC – Change UNI exchangeable inserts show you how it's done. We achieved this by combining the advantages of our WPC high-performance drill with the flexibility of an exchange system – for quicker changeovers and the lowest possible material usage. This is sustainability and efficiency in one!

The advantages of the WPC – Change at a glance:

  • Produces precise holes with diameters of 14–30 mm and hole depths of 3xD and 5xD on all machines
  • Exchangeable insert drilling system at an attractive price
  • Wear-resistant holder suitable for multiple uses
  • Universal application
  • Option to exchange the cutting edge in the machine
  • WPC – Change UNI exchangeable insert is ideal for steel and casting materials



Who would want to exchange the entire tool every time when drilling if you could get away with just changing the cutting insert? This is exactly what the WPC – Change enables, as it consists of a wear-resistant steel base body and a PVD-coated carbide exchangeable insert which is retained at the side via a clamping screw. This makes it quick and easy to change the cutting insert, even in the machine, and without the risk of incorrect assembly.

With the WPC – Change we are adding an economical and sustainable exchangeable insert drilling system with an efficiency promise and universal applications to our portfolio.
Manuel Keller, Product Manager for drilling tools

Added sustainability

Thanks to the exchangeable cutting insert, the WPC – Change is also extremely resource-friendly and cost-effective. Ultimately, the carbide is limited to the exchangeable insert. If you're concerned this will mean reduced performance, don't worry: The WPC – Change delivers the same high performance as a comparable option made of solid carbide.
For the market launch, the cutting insert is being offered in a universal version with a 135° point angle which can be used for steel and cast iron in particular. The high-precision insert seat combined with a Torx Plus® clamping screw ensures secure clamping of the exchangeable insert and thereby process security, changeover precision and long service lives for the base body and exchangeable insert.
The base body features a cylindrical shank with clamping flat and thro' coolant. The coolant is supplied directly to the cutting edge from two face-side outlets. The exchangeable inserts are applied in diameters of 14.00 mm to 26.00 mm in increments of 0.1 mm and from 26.00 mm to up to 30.00 mm in 0.5 mm increments.


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