MonsterMill PCR-Uni

Precise, powerful and extremely quiet – delve into a new world of milling with the MonsterMill PCR-Uni. The revolutionary plunge milling cutter is particularly suitable for machining steel, stainless steels and cast iron. It is available in short and long overall lengths. The HB shank type ensures secure clamping and high process security. This tool also boasts a corner radius that has been specially adapted for milling keyways.

The MonsterMill PCR-UNI is setting completely new standards in milling thanks to its wide range of applications, including ramping, plunging and milling.
Daniel Rommel, Product Manager Milling


  • Optimum chip clearance during ramping and drilling 
    The special core geometry ensures optimum chip evacuation and prevents chip jams.
  • Extremely quiet running during HPC milling 
    The irregular pitch of the cutting edges and irregular helix angle counteract vibrations to ensure a stable and precise machining process.
  • High feed rates thanks to four cutting edges 
    Delivers maximum performance and reduces machining times.
  • Vibration-free ramping and drilling
    The special, patented centering tip ensures maximum precision.

Machining using the PCR-Uni

  • Quick centering for drilling holes in angled surfaces
  • Simple procedure through guide boring (drilling process)
  • Special centering tip for guiding the drill

Conventional machining

  • Helical milling of a guide hole
  • Ramping angle (usually 3°)
    With the PCR-Uni, you can increase the ramping angle up to 25°, increasing efficiency in the process

Completed hole

100 holes Ø 10 
Conventional: 25 min. 
PCR-UNI: 8 min. 
The MonsterMill PCR-UNI dramatically reduces machining times compared to conventional tools!

Machining types

Ramping and helical milling

High ramping and helix angle

  • Penetrates the material quickly
  • Process-secure ramping at high angles of up to 45°
  • Quick creation of circular pockets with high helical widths of cut
  • High feed rates when drilling with a 4-fluted tool
  • Drilling up to 1xD
  • Quick penetration to working depth
Slot and profile milling
  • High performance 4-fluted HPC milling cutter 
  • Full slot milling with high chip removal
  • Profiling using a 4-fluted tool for high feed rates