Dragonskin – The coatings for the highest performance

Decades of experience and the consistent demand for ongoing development can be found in the unique Dragonskin coating technology. Our innovative strength and expert know now in powder metallurgy enables us – and you – to achieve unrivalled performance in machining.

Like the invulnerability of the dragon skin, the Dragonskin coating technology offers maximum protection against wear and its impenetrable layer is developed to function in the most adverse conditions. The result is an extremely hard and indestructible surface with a satinised appearance.

The perfect combination of state-of-the-art high-performance substrates and advanced coating structure achieves high cutting speeds and increased process security. Unlimited range of applications puts everything else in the shade! A proven – up to 80 % – increase in performance thanks to the new Dragonskin coating technology offers you a significant competitive advantage.

The Dragonskin product category helps you to quickly find and identify tools with the high-performance coating technology from CERATIZIT. All products which are marked with the Dragonskin symbol, represent unimaginable performance, maximum tool life and maximum process security.

Ultra-modern post treatment process

Specific benefits for you
  • Perfect chip flow with increased tool life
  • Reduced cutting pressure
  • Minimal chip adhesion
  • Considerably less wear and therefore lower costs per unit
Up to now
Improved Dragonskin layer

State-of-the-art reworking technologies create an incredibly smooth surface, which has a positive effect on the friction between chip and clamping flat. The result: Reduced wear with increased tool life.

Learn how Dragonskin coating is part of 100 years of Cutting Tool Progress.