Milling frames

Specialized cutting materials for machining titanium

Frames and stringers give the fuselage the necessary rigidity. Titanium is often used for the frames as it is extremely light. Its high tensile strength also helps reduce the number of components required. However, these positive characteristics come at the cost of demanding machining properties, which in turn require a corresponding level of expertise and high-performance tooling solutions.

CERATIZIT can get you off to a flying start with its specialised cutting materials, which ensure reliable tool lives and stable processes when roughing and finishing.

1. CircularLine - CCR-UNI – solid carbide milling cutter

Trochoidal roughing of medium-sized pockets and slots in titanium, super alloys and high-alloy steel

  • Special cutting edge design perfect for trochoidal milling (CPC: circle power cutting)
  • Cutting edges with chip breakers for reliable chip evacuation when working with large cutting depths
  • For CPC milling up to 5xD

2. MaxiMill 211-KN indexable insert porcupine cutter

90° shoulder, pocket or slot milling with high ap on medium and large structural components

  • Indexable insert system for machining large pockets, for plunging or for universal applications
  • Perfectly adapted tool holder
  • Corner radius up to 6.0 mm
  • Coated cutting material grade CTC5240 as a benchmark in titanium machining

3. MonsterMill TCR

Finishing of pockets and slots for various component areas in aircraft construction

  • Machining of small and medium-sized titanium areas
  • Perfectly adapted geometry for machining titanium and heat resistant super alloys
  • Huge range of end mills, torus and ballnose cutters

4. MaxiMill HFC-19 indexable insert milling system

High-feed freeform milling with super fast machining rates

  • High-speed roughing and shaping of large 3D areas
  • Four cutting edges per indexable insert
  • Max. ap 3.3 mm (19 mm insert)

Practical example of trochoidal roughing

  • Component: titanium structural component
  • Application: trochoidal milling of a pocket
  • Tool: CCR.H-SA.20,0.30°.Z6.R4,0.HB.L DPX72S
Cutting data CERATIZIT
Vc [m/min] 80
fz [mm/tooth] 0.12
ap [mm] 14
ae [mm] 2
Emulsion Yes
Q [cm3/min] 26