Semi-automatic drilling in fibre composites and aluminium alloys

High process security and low costs per hole

Semi-automatic applications are carried out using hand-held pneumatic or electric machines at a fixed RPM and feed. The cutting tools must be individually adapted to the component/template/machine situation for reasons of process security, competitive tool lives and low costs per hole.
We develop special solutions in diameters from 2.5 to 30 mm for all combinations of CFRP/GFRP, aluminium and titanium alloys, steel, Inconel and honeycomb structures. One-shot drilling with tolerances of up to 18 μm is possible depending on the material combination.

Need any support with tool requirements or want to carry out some preliminary tests? We already have the appropriate equipment and necessary expertise in the bag!

Technology: one-shot drilling

A reliable one-shot drilling process reduces tool change and machining times, thus helping to increase efficiency and shorten process times. Save time in advance by asking Team Cutting Tools to adapt the macro and microgeometry to the respective machining situation. Every one-shot tool is also an extremely precise special design capable of achieving fit tolerances down to IT8.

Fit tolerances down to IT8

Materials – machining options

Many years of experience with all common single and mixed material stacks in the aerospace industry, plus other combinations, e.g. with steel or Inconel.

Aluminium alloys: a classic with (practically) no airs and graces

Optimal tool design for dry machining

Aluminium is the classic lightweight material. After all, it’s a durable and light material that is relatively easy to machine. The fact that aluminium tends to exhibit material adhesion, which can reduce tool life or process parameters, determines the design of the cutting tools. We pay particular attention to the lubrication and the individual combination of cutting material, coating and geometry. Even dry machining is possible under certain conditions.

One-shot countersinking in H7 in alu-alu with ADU – countersink for use in drill feed units

Technical data

  • Uncoated solid carbide countersink
  • Holes Ø 4.1 mm–32.0 mm | Countersink Ø: up to 35.0 mm
  • Countersinks in one-shot possible down to IT8
  • Implemented in production both with lubrication and as a dry process


  • One-shot tool: reduces
    tool change times and costs, increases productivity and reduces the number of different tools
  • Can be used without any lubrication whatsoever in dry drilling processes: better health conditions, drastic reduction in the amount of cleaning required
  • Process security for your manufacturing operations as a result of reproducible premium quality with superb surface quality and tightest fit tolerances
  • We have successfully implemented countless special solutions across the globe and built up a wealth of experience that goes into every new application