Dragonskin – the coating for maximum performance

The ongoing development of production technologies takes top priority at CERATIZIT. This is why we have focused all our innovative strength and expert knowledge in coating technology on one objective: developing a tool coating that allows our customers to achieve an unprecedented level of performance in machining. We have succeeded in our efforts with the Dragonskin coating technology.

For bar peeling, we have adapted the innovative Dragonskin coating technology specifically for the machining of bright steel products. For example, one of the coatings consists of a multi-layer, nanometre thick structure made from aluminium oxides, which exhibit very fine crystals. 

On the one hand, improved mechanical properties are achieved thanks to this fine, crystalline structure, while on the other hand, reducing the overall roughness of the layer, resulting in an optimal chip evacuation. This in turn reduces the friction value and results in minimal heating of the cutting material. Our Dragonskin grades that are developed especially for the peeling process are particularly robust and, thanks to their special layer structure, feature – in addition to the usual excellent physical properties such as fracture toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance, and temperature and chemical resistance – a flawless protective function for the cutting edges against micro-cracks and chipping.

Your benefits when opting for indexable inserts with Dragonskin coating

  • Nano coating technology produces tough layers and reduces edge breakage of the cutting edge
  • Perfect chip clearance and less material adhesion thanks to the extremely smooth layer surface
  • Considerably less wear and therefore more effective production