Solutions for super alloys and titanium

Due to their heat-resistant material properties, super alloys are used in motor, turbine and engine construction. Most super alloys are nickel-based super alloys such as the brands STELLITE®, TRIBALOY®, HASTELOY®, INCOLOY® or INCONEL®.

Super alloys are particularly tough and resistant to heat, corrosion and acidic media. CERATIZIT offers specially developed indexable inserts and grades for the bar peeling of super alloys, which are adapted for these material properties of heat-resistant materials and allow for optimum machining.

Usage conditions and risks - difficulties during machining

Problem Possible effects
Poor thermal conductivity High temperature of the cutting edge
Hardening on the component High mechanical stress on the cutting edge
Vibration-prone Risk of insert breakage
Heavy wear Poor tool life
Low cutting values Low productivity

Peeling insert solutions for machining HRSA - Inconel®

Grades CTCP625 and CTCP635 with specially designed cutting edge and R59 chip breaker are ideal for machining HRSA – Inconel®. The special support chamfer "S55" reduces the cutting pressure on the finished bar surface.

Peeling insert solutions for machining titanium

The high-performance grade is optimised for machining titanium thanks to the special cutting edge design and the R51 chip breaker. The especially sharp cutting edges help to prevent notch wear. The polished surfaces prevent built-up edge formation and guarantee optimum chip removal. The uncoated surface means the titanium chips are not contaminated.

WNMF 96-P50

WNEU 161325P50-R51

WNGU 151015

NNUX 150820