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Our resources are finite, which makes renewable energies an important basis for their sustainable use. Turbines and pumps play a central role in this when it comes to energy technology. But without the most innovative materials this is impossible, as wind and water turbines as well as steam and gas turbines have to withstand higher pressures and temperatures to increase their efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Can standard tools do the job? Absolutely not! The heat-resistant materials and high-alloy steels, titanium or materials like Waspaloy and Inconel would eat them for breakfast! After all, it's the machining quality above all else that determines the service life and function of turbine blades, rotor hubs and turbine shafts. That's why we are passionate about special custom tools that don't immediately break out in a sweat when they come up against the hardest materials and relentless machining methods. Let's work together on finding ways to use our resources intelligently and sustainably.

Wind turbines

→ The gearbox, rotor bearing and the azimuth bearing are mounted on the main carrier.

→ A gearbox bearing is a pivot bearing that drives the drive shaft to guarantee the function of the gearbox.

→ The rotor hub is located in the centre of the rotor and is connected to the rotor blades, the gearbox and the generator.

→ A large slewing ring connects the tower to the gondola. Three further slewing rings connect the rotor blades to the rotor hub.

→ The shaft transfers the rotor motion to the rotors of the generator.

Water turbines

→ Operating a Pelton turbine is particularly cost effective when there are large drops between 50 to 1500 m and smaller water quantities. The Pelton turbine is primarily used in storage power plants.

→ Kaplan turbines are best suited to use when there are low to lowest drops and large, fluctuating flow rates. This means the Kaplan turbine is perfect for large run-of-river power stations.

→ The Francis turbine is the most widely used turbine type among all water turbines. They are installed with drops of approx. 20 m to 700 m and achieve an efficiency factor of up to 90%. 

Gas- and steam turbines

→ These shafts are driven by a supply of electrical or thermal energy.

→ Turbine blades are rotating components that are fitted modularly onto a turbine wheel.

→ The turbine is housed in the turbine casing. It is subjected to high temperatures and high pressures.

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