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The wheels, axles and bogies of trains and other rolling stock must meet the highest quality requirements to ensure the greatest-possible levels of operational reliability. Yet travelling thousands of miles on the most varied tracks while carrying heavy loads puts an enormous strain on the wheels and other wheelset components, and the rate of wear is just as extreme. The life span of wheels and wheelsets largely depends on a high level of manufacturing quality and regular maintenance. The treads of the wheels are of particular importance too, as they ensure comfort and a smooth ride.

More than 100 years of experience in machining make us one of the most knowledgeable providers in this industry. From new wheel production and axle production to wheel rework and bogie machining, we are a reliable partner to our customers in the rail and rolling stock industry. Our international company structure brings us into close contact with companies based all over the world and helps us to understand local conditions and their precise needs. Close cooperation with manufacturers of wheelset machining components and machinery also helps us advance our knowledge and develop highly effective tool solutions that deliver the ultimate in performance. As a result, our high-quality cutting material solutions and tools for turning, drilling and milling are a guarantee for the very best quality and process security. We are here to help you with expert advice and would be delighted to introduce you to our impressively wide range of tools.

→ Train wheels are part of the wheelset and have different designs.

→ A bogie is the running gear of rolling stock, in which wheelsets are supported in a rotating frame opposite the coach body.

→ The train axle rigidly connects the two wheels to one another.

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