KOMflex | Spindle Head

Combines the production steps from machining to quality assurance in a Closed-Loop System

The world's only Spindle Head to communicate with the measuring stylus' wireless interface

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The clever system combination with BLUM touch probe

The new, intelligent precision spindle system communicates with the BLUM RC66 wireless interface. In conjunction with the BLUM touch probe, the KOMflex enables automatic diameter correction for precision holes in closed-loop operation (machine, measure, correct). This shortens production times and ensures more accurate and cost-effective workpiece machining.

KOMflex can be used by those customers who manufacture batch production where reamers are unsuitable due to positional tolerance or where access is difficult. The field of application also includes those customers in the automotive or aerospace sectors, or mechanical engineering in general.


  • Automated production of precision holes
    In the closed-loop operation, the KOMflex guarantees process-secure
    machining, even with unmanned operations.
  • Significant time savings
    The automated measurement with the BLUM measuring probe and
    correction with the precision adjustment head offers significant time savings.
  • Meets defined quality requirements for the workpiece
    Accurate movement of the precision adjustment head for μm-precise
    machining with closed-loop operation ensure defined requirements are met.




Combines the production steps from machining to quality assurance in a closed-loop system

Technical Data

Adjustment accuracy 2 μm in radius
Adjustment range ± 0,25 mm
Boring range Dia. 6 – 120 mm
Max. coolant pressure 30 bar
Outer diameter 63 mm
Height 100 mm
Max. RPM 4,000 rpm in centre position
Combined tool interface ABS 32 / dia. 16 mm / teeth
Interface ABS 50
Protection class IP67
Battery 2x AA 3.6 V SAFT LS14500

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