KUB Trigon

Highly accurate and flexible insert drill

In 1977, the KUB Trigon was the world's first indexable insert drilling tool and to this day sets new standards on the machining market. With its 84° corner angle and a variable radial installation angle, the indexable insert handles deflection forces perfectly.


  • Tight drilling tolerances – Up to IT 8 are possible
  • Excellent surface quality is achievable
  • Machining to finished size, no separate fine machining necessary
  • Flexibility during use, due to a variety of geometries and coatings
  • Low machining forces, make it ideal for unstable machining conditions on less powerful machines
  • Low adhesion of chips to the tool holder, thanks to a special coating
  • Good centring as a result of cutting edge geometry
  • Combi shank facilitates clamping in Weldon and Whistle Notch adapters


Excellent spot drilling results make the KUB Trigon particularly suitable for:

  • Machining on less powerful machines
  • Machining under unstable conditions
  • Creating dimensionally accurate holes

The benefit for you

  • Excellent surface quality is achievable
  • Machining to finished size, no separate fine machining
  • For rotating and stationary usage
  • Cost reduced stock requirements and easy handling as the internal and
  • External indexable inserts are identical
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio

● = Main application, ○ = Secondary application, - = Not possible

Hole depth 2xD 3xD 4xD 5xD
Drilling through a transverse hole
Stack plate drilling
Drilling on uneven surfaces
Spot drilling - -
Spot drilling an edge
Spot drilling a convex surface
Spot drilling angled surfaces
Spot drilling a pointed contour
Deep holes -
Drilling through a centre or pre-op