MonsterMill TCR

Titanium machining done to perfection

Developed for machining titanium parts – predestined for use in the area of medical technology and for the aerospace industry: The MonsterMill TCR milling cutter is setting new standards in titanium machining and impresses thanks to its process security and long tool life.

  • The innovative Dragonskin coating reduces thermal loads and enables high levels of wear resistance
  • A new type of high-performance substrate for extreme toughness and torsional strength
  • High process security thanks to safe and targeted swarf removal
  • High stability during the process
  • Special geometry ensures strong performance
  1. Variable helix pitch and irregular pitch of cutters
  2. Specially shaped chip spaces
  3. Targeted preparation of cutting edges
  4. Reinforced core diameter
  5. Dragonskin multilayer coating
  6. HB shank

Test Report

Material 3.7164 TiAl6V4
Ø Milling cutter
diameter (mm)
Number of flutes 5
Speed vc (m/min) 90
Rotation n (rpm)  2.388
Feed per tooth fz (mm) 0.120
Table feed vf (mm/min) 1.433
Cutting depth ap (mm)  18
Cutting width ae (mm)  0.75
Coolant type Emulsion

Tool life Ttotal min.

450 Minutes


Tool life Ttotal min

360 Minutes