PCD milling tools

Hard cutting material = long tool life

PCD – polycristalline diamond

The polycrystalline diamond is a synthetically produced diamond material which comes very close to the hardness of monocrystalline diamond (natural diamond). Its high level of hardness makes it possible to machine and withstand particularly abrasive materials. Tools with PCD cutting materials are therefore extremely well suited for machining lightweight construction materials like aluminium, magnesium and fibre-reinforced plastics. When circular milling with PCD-equipped tools, fewer radius corrections are required before the end of the tool life in comparison to solid carbide tools. This significantly increases the process security.

Additively manufactured PCD tools

  • Diameter range 10–32 mm
  • More cutting edges than conventionally produced PCD face mills
  • High blade angle for silent running
  • As a screw-in cutter for variable tool length
  • In projection lengths 2.5 x DC in hybrid design with solid carbide base body

PCD end mill

  • With up to 4 cutting edges
  • High resistance to wear
  • Extremely high cutting speeds
  • Specialist for aluminium and graphite
  1. Through coolant
  2. PCD – uncoated
  3. 3D printed head
  4. Reduced neck
  5. Solid carbide shank
  1. PCD – uncoated
  2. Reduced neck
  3. Solide carbide shank

Hardness comparison of ultra-hard cutting materials

  • PCD 

  • CBN

  • Keramic

  • HM