Thread-cutting tools for machining

Our varied range of taps and thread formers covers all applications. Whether you are looking for taps, thread formers, circular and thread milling cutters, or thread turning tools, you are sure to find the ideal tool to meet your needs.

Taps and thread formers

Whether you are machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron, or non-ferrous metals, our high-quality taps allow you to create perfect internal threads, time and time again. We also offer a wide range of thread formers for manufacturing heavy-duty internal threads using non-cutting methods. 

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Circular and thread milling cutters

Be it small batch sizes with large threads or the need to reduce machining times in batch production, we offer a wide range of circular and thread milling cutters, available as solid or module, to boost your production.

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Thread turning tools

We offer a wide range of thread turning tools for use on conventional turning machines and CNC machines. No matter what the application, our thread-turning tools ensure that you always have your chips under control.

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