Drilling and turning with the multifunctional tool EcoCut

The Swiss Army Knife among cutting tools reduces set-up times and increases your productivity. However, the multifunctional tool can do even more!

The multifunctional tool for a variety of applications

Whether for drilling, with stationary or rotating tools or for turning face, inner and outer contours, the EcoCut is the leading tool for a wide range of applications. The EcoCut tools are available in three versions: EcoCut Classic, EcoCut Mini and EcoCut  ProfileMaster.

EcoCut Classic

The EcoCut Classic is the insert version which machines diameters between 8 and 32 mm.
The video shows the EcoCut Classic in action.

EcoCut Mini

The EcoCut Mini is a solid carbide version of the tool, for bores from Ø 2 - 8 mm.
In the video you can see the EcoCut Mini in action.  

EcoCut ProfileMaster

The EcoCut ProfileMaster is suitable for bores from a diameter of 10 mm. Axial and radial recesses can also be made.
The EcoCut ProfileMaster in use:

Less tool changes thanks to a variety of machining processes covered

EcoCut is designed to handle up to four different machining processes with just one tool. Different machining processes are combined, changing tools is no longer necessary, set-up time is greatly reduced, and machine capacity is increased. The launch of the three carbide grades with DRAGONSKIN coating also ensures the machining of a wide range of materials and different applications.

High-performance in steel - indexable inserts for machining steel

Especially when machining steel, the EcoCut achieves very good results with the right indexable insert. In general, however, almost any material can be machined with the EcoCut. 

In the following, you will find recommendations for choosing the suitable indexable insert for different steel machining operations.

Steel processing with uninterrupted cut

The DRAGONSKIN grade CTCP425 (HCR1425) is available with the advanced AL2O3-TiN CVD coating for steel processing with uninterrupted cutting, which offers excellent wear resistance at increased cutting speeds.

General steel processing with interrupted cut

For general steel processing with interrupted cuts, we recommend the AL2O3-TiN CVD DRAGONSKIN grade CTP435 (HCR1435). This grade is ideal for poor machining conditions and all other applications with high toughness requirements.

Machining of stainless steel, high temperature materials, steel and cast iron

The third type is the universal Dragonskin wide strip grade CTPP430 (HCN2430) with a TiALN PVD coating. It is suitable for processing stainless steel, high temperature materials, steel and cast iron.

Impressive performance in the processing of steel

When processing steel with the grade CTCP425 (HCR1425), the cutting data is between 100 - 150 m/min, the feed rate is 0.1 - 0.17 mm and the cutting depth is 1 - 3.5 mm. The increase in tool life is even more impressive with the grade CTCP425 (HCR1435). It has been increased by 71 %. With the grade CTPP430 (HCN 2430) the tool life was actually increased by 76 %.

Stable, safe and efficient thanks to Torx-Plus System

By increasing cutting speeds and feeds, it is also important to increase the reliability of the insert clamping. This is achieved by using the Torx-Plus system. Torx-Plus screws improve the transmission of the tightening moment and simplify the handling. The insert is often the focus of the improvement process. However, by using our highlight coating we have increased the performance of the toolholder itself. This silver-colored nickel coating reduces wear due to friction on the toolholder, helps to optimize chip flow and at the same time offers an aesthetic appearance. In addition, the chip flow on tools with a length/diameter ratio of 2.5 is supported by the use of a backward directed coolant jet.