CERAsmart Cockpit - optimal use of your digital production data

Why do you need the CERAsmart Cockpit?

Do you have a clear picture of how the digitalisation of machining should look like in your company? Do you know which data you would like to have processed and evaluated? Or do you need advice on which data can help you to achieve more process control and reliable tool monitoring? 

In these cases, CERATIZIT is the right partner for you, because all aspects of digital machining come together in our CERAsmart Cockpit. Thus, we can provide you with an individual combination of evaluated data - from the cutting edge via the spindle to the machine. So that you always have an optimum overview of your production processes.

CERAsmart Cockpit incl. ToolScope

ToolScope, our digital process monitoring system, is permanently integrated in CERAsmart Cockpit. ToolScope can be retrofitted to existing machines or installed directly in your new machining centre ex works.

Integration of further data sources

Selected process data as well as the tool status are transmitted from ToolScope to the CERAsmart Cockpit. In addition, other data sources can be integrated, such as

  • ERP systems
  • Data from automatic tooling machines
  • Data from quality management

Data evaluation with error analysis

In CERAsmart Cockpit, the data fed in is evaluated and it is shown how your process can be optimised. Possible sources of errors can be

  • Errors in quality management
  • Errors in the machine
  • incorrect tool selection
  • connection problems
  • sub-optimal cutting data

Data evaluation in combination with the know-how of our application engineers

During the data evaluation in CERAsmart Cockpit you are never left alone. You are of course supported by our experienced application engineers. They will advise you individually and find the optimal solution in each case in order to trim your processes to the highest level of efficiency and quality.

Is my data secure?

Whenever sensitive production data is handled, the question of security arises. Not least because this collected data must be exchanged between different systems in order to be able to uncover the necessary process optimisations in the first place. After all, the data alone only generate added value when they are appropriately processed, and the expected added value is clear. Moreover, at no time are data collected that provide a clear conclusion about the finished workpiece - only the relevant process parameters are collected and analysed.

You do not yet have any experience with digital production data? 

When IT and production technology come together, then digitalisation can work. But how can that succeed? By bundling and networking the competences of different partners. And so that this does not become the biggest challenge for you, we have already established corresponding collaborations so that you can start into the digital future without detours.

❗ Previous Approach

  • manual data collection from preproduction, machines, tool management systems and from the quality department
  • data analysis in Excel
  • individual follow-up of measures and solutions in case of production problems (e.g. machine downtimes, tool breakages,...)

✔️​ After CERAsmart Cockpit has been used

  • Automated data integration
  • Access to production data in real time
  • Extended analysis functions
  • Structured tracking of tool and process problems as well as fast problem detection and problem solving

90% Time saving
during data acquisition

80% Time saved
during problem solving

0.5% Improvement in OEE
(overall equipment effectiveness)

You are convinced? Please contact us and let us tailor the CERAsmart Cockpit to your needs!