Turning tools and indexable inserts for machining

Turning tools with indexable inserts

You can fully rely on our range of indexable inserts. In particular when it comes to the Dragonskin coated grades, each indexable insert is a specialist in its field. Whether steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys or cast iron. Our Dragonskin grades always give you the ultimate in extended tool life. Maximum stability and process security is also guaranteed by the XpressClamp and IsoClamp tool holders.

EcoCut & ProfileMaster

Drilling into solid material, turning and grooving with a single system
The EcoCut and ProfileMaster are multifunctional tool systems for turning operations. EcoCut is a multi-purpose machining tool that reduces your investment costs as, from now on, a single tool can be used to drill into solid material and perform turning operations. Time-consuming tool changes are eliminated, programming is reduced and productivity increases. ProfileMaster takes it one step further, offering you the option of precise grooving operations.

Grooving tools

Be in control with our grooving tools – even difficult grooving tasks with uncontrolled chip or rise in temperature. The perfect addition: the MonoClamp adapter system for single tools and ModularClamp system for modules. The SX system has been developed for the most demanding parting off, grooving and longitudinal turning applications: Designed using FEM modelling, it combines high stability with optimised force distribution.

Miniature turning tools

Efficiency at the millimetre level?
Machining small workpieces efficiently – you can do that using our tools. The UltraMini and MiniCut miniature turning tools are ideal for turning operations on workpieces with diameters from 0.5 mm or 8.0 mm. Typical application area: machining extremely precise contours on small parts with sharp cutting edges. SlotCut performs slot cutting operations on the turning machine without the need for additional operations on a different machine. Additionally, CWX500 is ideal as a universal coating for all materials.