Automotive and truck


Automotive overview
Innovation drivers in machining: Tool solutions for the mobility of tomorrow

The automotive industry is facing one of the biggest changes in its history. Aspects such as lightweight construction, electrification of drive systems or new concepts for increasing efficiency make vehicle development more challenging than ever. For that reason, it is good to be able to rely on a strong partner who has the right tools and strategies for every single vehicle component. We are ready to face the mobility challenges of tomorrow with maximum innovation, expertise and by working closely with our customers.

An unconditional service promise, wide-ranging expertise – in smart factory concepts for example – and a firm focus on special-purpose, customer-specific solutions make the CERATIZIT Group the ideal project partner for car manufacturers worldwide.


Whether it is a conventional vehicle with combustion engine, a hybrid, or one powered by a fuel cell or battery, the machining tasks on the powertrain are as varied as the tool solutions that we have to offer. We are the driving force behind efficient production.

→ Power-efficient turbo direct injection engines for maximum efficiency

→ Force transmission with uninterrupted power flow between the engine and powertrain

→ Compensation for the moment of inertia with a combustion engine


Lightweight concepts combined with the ultimate in ride comfort call for alternative processes when it comes to machining. We develop solutions so that new materials can also be machined with maximum precision, quality and efficiency.

→ Holds the tyre, which is in contact with the road

→ The energy from the unsprung mass is absorbed and dissipated

→ Brakes the vehicle as quickly as possible until it comes to a stop


Truck overview
Heavily loaded but easily machined: strong tool concepts for the truck industry

In the truck industry too, stricter emissions rules and the search for more environmentally friendly transport methods require a shift towards more sustainable solutions. In addition to hybrid, electric and hydrogen-fuelled lorries, these include optimising the fuel efficiency of diesel and natural gas vehicles. Lightweight materials and innovative construction methods are also used to reduce the weight of goods vehicles while increasing the payload.

Want to be prepared for any new development? Thanks to our cross-industry expertise, extensive tool portfolio and focus on the development of application-specific special solutions, we are a reliable partner for goods vehicle manufacturers around the world.


The drive variants in the goods vehicle segment are also constantly multiplying, with combustion engines, hybrid, fuel cells and batteries among the typical options. This is why the tooling solutions need to be just as wide ranging. It's this variety that drives us.


Long-term loading and lightweight construction are two aspects that go hand in hand for trucks. To ensure neither efficiency nor quality or precision are compromised when machining new materials, we always have innovative tool solutions at the ready.

Take advantage of our customer-specific service solutions that truly make the difference

✔️ Needs-oriented ✔️ Custom-made ✔️ Process-optimised ✔️ Individual ✔️ Material-oriented

Special tools & semi-standard tools

We test a variety of tool characteristics and tailor them to your machining requirements so that you receive a tool that perfectly meets the conditions of your process. Whether it's design, cutting edge geometry or coatings – every tool is individually designed for you and made in our factory to strict quality guidelines.  

Actuating tools

For the precise and efficient machining of complex contours on parts that are not rotationally symmetrical.

Tool & process monitoring: ToolScope

The monitoring and control system constantly records and visualises the machine signals during the manufacturing process. 

CERAsmart Cockpit – Optimal use of your digital production data

Huge time savings in data recording, identifying problems and troubleshooting.

Project Engineering

Needs-based consultation, process optimisation, machining and tool concepts and more.

Your professional partner – just a phone call away

Your expert is always there to help and works with you to develop the best solutions.