Quality tools for medical technology

We provide premium tooling solutions for machining medical components

Whether artificial joints for knees, hips and shoulders, dental implants or bone screws and plates – cutting edge medical technology is significantly improving the quality of life of patients well into old age. This is true as long as the implant lives up to its promise: it works flawlessly and has a long service life. Making sure that these requirements are met demands absolute precision when producing these complex components. This, in turn, requires the use of high-quality tools in the manufacturing process. 

Precision tools for producing prostheses, implants and surgical instruments

Just as patients rely on high-quality implants, many medical technology companies rely on the extensive carbide and manufacturing expertise of CERATIZIT when machining their products as well as our quality tools. These include leading companies from the dental sector, manufacturers of surgical forceps and producers of implants, such as osteosynthesis products. As a creative and expert partner, we support these businesses in all their activities and develop customised, efficient tooling solutions for their applications. 

Always the highest quality. Guaranteed!

From our own carbide powder through to the ideal and often custom tool solution to documentation by the ToolScope monitoring system – as one of the few manufacturers of precision tools made from carbide, we are masters of the entire process chain. This means we can guarantee the best level of quality at every stage of the manufacturing process for our high-tech products. Performance improvements and adjustments are also carried out by our versatile team of specialists. This lets you continuously optimise your processes and ensures that your collaboration with us is completely hassle-free. 

*FDA approval and safety assessment for the production of biocompatible products

The biocompatibility requirement for medical devices improves patient safety. As a result, we are the world's first and only company to certify its carbide grades for in-vitro cytotoxicity in line with DIN EN ISO 10993-5. Many of our tools are therefore considered safe for the production of sensitive, biocompatible products, such as implants. So, if you value certified quality that meets the specific premium FDA requirements, we are your perfect partner. This ultimately benefits human health. (*U.S. Food & Drug Administration)

Fully tested tools

Numerous carbides and coatings tested for cytotoxicity – ideal in light of the new rules and regulations

100% vertical integration

The Ceratizit Group has the entire manufacturing process covered, from extraction of the ores at the mine right through to the finished carbide tool


With its developments in the areas of tools and machining technologies, Ceratizit is improving its CO2 footprint

Take advantage of our customer-specific service solutions that truly make the difference.

✔️ Needs-oriented ✔️ Custom-made ✔️ Process-optimised ✔️ Individual✔️ Material-oriented

Special tools & semi-standard tools

We test many tool features and adapt them to your machining requirements. You therefore receive a tool which perfectly covers the conditions of your process. Whether it's design, cutting edge geometry or coatings – every tool is individually designed for you and made in our factory to strict quality guidelines.  

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Tooling solutions for machining medical technology components

  1. Hip joint
    → Replaces the joint between the thigh and pelvis
  2. Knee joint
    → A partial or total endoprosthesis that functions as a replacement knee joint

What can we do for you?

Do you place a premium on quality and functionality when machining or producing medical components? Then you are just like us! We work together with you to overcome the challenges posed by the materials to be machined as well as the complex geometries. Take advantage of our passion for ultimate precision and quality and use our decades of know-how in machining for your benefit. Our knowledge and experience in medical technology means that we precisely understand your needs and requirements. We use this expertise to stand by your side with advice and support so that you always develop the best possible solutions. For the health of us all – we are always there for you.

Take advantage of our customer-specific service solutions that truly make the difference

Solutions for efficient machining processes

From expert advice and detailed project development to smooth implementation, our project engineering service will provide you with the ideal solution to meet your specific needs. Let our interdisciplinary expert team implement a customised solution for your projects.

Quality guarantee

As part of the CERATIZIT Group, we have an exclusive supply of raw materials and cover the entire production chain! Maximum quality therefore starts in the production of the carbide powder and ends with the correct recycling!

Special tools & semi-standard

We adapt standard tools and develop special tools or complete tool concepts with you.

Customer-specific blanks and semi-finished products

Within the CERATIZIT Group we also offer sintered or ground blanks for numerous medical and laboratory applications, e.g. for dental drills, needle holder tips and other special tools. Both our standard and customer-specific solutions prove maximum performance and are many times superior to conventional steel products. Whether directly pressed, hand-shaped, extrusion-pressed, sintered or ground parts: We deliver the blanks exactly as you need them for rapid and reliable further processing.

CERATIZIT is supporting manufacturers in the fight against coronavirus

We humans quickly learn to appreciate our health again, particularly when we are faced with dangerous situations, such as pandemics. As an expert manufacturer of high-quality machining solutions, our top priority is to support manufacturing companies in the medical sector. CERATIZIT know-how and tools are required by manufacturers that produce fans for ventilators and face masks.