WTX – Feed drill reamer

Our drill reamer with 3 effective cutting edges

Spot drilling, drilling and reaming to a tolerance of H7 in just one operation? The WTX Feed BR drill reamer enables you to do just that. With this exciting development, we are once again responding to the main requirements presented to us by the machining market, namely to continuously streamline and improve our customers' production processes taking into account new materials and machining methods.

Decades of experience in the development of maximum efficiency cutting tools have enabled us to develop a solid carbide drill reamer that is currently the only one of its kind. Three effective cutting edges shorten the working process significantly and ensure maximum accuracy and surface quality.

Features of the drill reamer

  • Increased cylindricity and improved roundness of the hole
  • Significantly narrower tolerance field of the holes produced
  • Higher cutting data thanks to the three effective cutting edges
  • Improved centring and positioning properties
  • Universal drill reamer
  • Specially designed for steel and cast iron machining
  • Lower cutting forces
  • Good surface quality can be obtained

DPX14S – Dragonskin coating:

+ TiAlN nanolayer coating
+ coefficient of friction (dry against steel) = 0.35
+ maximum application temperature: 1000°C

  • 3 effective cutting edges increase cylindricity and improve the roundness of the holes
  • Very high wear resistance thanks to tried-and-tested Dragonskin coating
  • Suitable for universal use and, thanks to the new cutting edge geometry, can even be used with lower cutting forces

Drilling test in 42CRMOS4 - diameter deviation from measured tool Ø

Tool diameter: DC = 8.00 mm (8H7 hole)


vc m/min: 55
fz (mm/tooth): 0.07

vc m/min: 55
fz (mm/tooth): 0.09

vc m/min: 75
fz (mm/tooth): 0.07

vc m/min: 100
fz (mm/tooth): 0.07

grey = two-edged drill reamer
red = three-edged drill reamer with 6 guide lands

Ø lower deviation of 0.013 mm