WTX – HFDS solid carbide drill

The first four-edged drilling tool on the market!

The innovative, pyramid geometry of the WTX-HFDS ensures extremely aggressive and precise drilling performance. In this case, the cutting force is distributed to four cutting edges, meaning that longer service lives are possible. The core stability of the drill is retained due to the optimum cooling via four internal spiral coolant holes and makes the drilling process particularly safe and effective.

The WTX-HFDS solid carbide drill is at its most impressive when used in steel (main application), but it can be used for other materials too.

  • The WTX-HFDS achieves new levels of drilling quality, hole tolerance and positioning accuracy. This means that component quality is increased to the extent that there is no need for potential reworking.
  • Four continuous spiral thro' coolant holes guarantee optimum cooling of each cutting edge, meaning that considerably higher tool service lives can be achieved. This also results in a noticeable reduction in tool costs.
  • Low burr formation when entering and exiting the hole. This means that there is no need for time-consuming subsequent deburring.

Reduce your machining time with four effective cutting edges!

1. The innovative, pyramid point thinning guarantees ultimate positioning accuracy of ~ 0.03 mm, aggressive drilling performance and excellent centring properties.

2. Four chip flutes ensure secure and quick chip removal.

3. DPX14S – Dragonskin coating:

  • TiAlN nanolayer coating
  • Coefficient of friction (dry, against steel) = 0.35
  • Maximum application temperature: 1000 °C

4. Four cutting edges allow for extremely high feeds

5. Each cutting edge is optimally cooled by the four spiral coolant holes. The tool core nonetheless remains very stable.

Up to 66% time saving! Drilling test in 1.7225/42CroMoV4, hole depth 30 mm

Comparison: Number of holes | Time in minutes

(for 1000 holes)

= 14 minutes

2. Solid Carbide High-Feed Drill
(for 1000 holes)

= 21 minutes

3. Solid Carbide Speed Drill
(for 1000 holes)

= 24 minutes

2. Solid Carbide Drill
(for 1000 holes)

= 42 minutes

Tools Ø (mm) Vc (m/min.) F (mm/rev) Vf (mm/min.)
WTX-HFDS, z=4 10 100 0.7 2228.17
Solid carbide high-feed drill, z=3 10 110 0.44 1540.62
Solid carbide speed drill, z=2 10 160 0.26 1324.17
Solid carbide drill, z=2 10 100 0.24 763.94