Workpiece clamping for round components: the SBF-3 stationary 3-jaw chuck

Exciting times for round workpieces

The right clamping system is often a game changer for machining round components. We now have a brand-new solution in the portfolio with the SBF-3 stationary 3-jaw chuck from the WNT Performance range. This enables us to demonstrate our strengths, particularly in combination with the MNG mechanical zero point clamping system and PNG as a pneumatic alternative. The SBF-3 3-jaw chuck is compatible with both, reducing set-up and non-productive time to a minimum.

The quick jaw change system is the basis for rapid exchange. It makes it possible to change the angled toothed jaws in under a minute – at the touch of a button and complete with very high repeatability. In order to maintain the high clamping forces of 100 kN/180 kN – depending on the size of the SBF-3 – permanently and process-securely, the wedge bar drive has been optimised and the lubrication system improved. 

SBF-3 Ø 200 mm

SBF-3 Ø 315 mm

All the advantages of the stationary 3-jaw chuck at a glance
  • Convenient SBF-3 quick jaw change system minimises both set-up times and costs
  • The 3-jaw chuck impresses with high jaw change repeatability
  • Process-secure clamping thanks to permanently high clamping forces of 100 kN and 180 kN
  • SBF-3 enables flexible clamping of small and large workpieces
  • Complete with maximum operating safety
  • Functional items that have been hardened and ground from all sides for a long life span
  • Available as SBF-3 Ø200 mm and SBF-3 Ø315 mm, each in a set with a clamping key, MNG- and PNG-compatible console, one set of GBA base jaws and SB-H stepped jaws each and six screws for the jaws.
  1. Wedge bar drive Allows for excellent machining results
  2. Hardened and extremely stiff base body Longer service life with maximum precision as a result - even at the highest clamping force
  3. Large through hole For machining all common bar material diameters (optional: enlargement of through hole)
  4. Optimised lubrication system For high degree of efficiency
  5. Mounting threads For workpiece stops or cover plates
  6. Quick jaw change system Single release of jaws, meaning extremely short setup times
  7. Base jaws with angled teeth (SFG)
  8. Locking mechanism Guarantees secure engagement of the base jaw teeth with the wedge bar teeth
  9. Engagement pin For pre-positioning the base jaw
  10. Actuation via hex connection Easier operation as a result
  11. Pushbutton for jaw change For extremely short setup times
  12. Indicator pin For visual stroke monitoring of the manual clamping chuck