The ISO-M grades for high performance turning in stainless materials

Always the right solution for machining austenitic, stainless steels. In addition to the established CTPM125, two additional grades now round off our product range: the more wear-resistant CTCM120 and the tougher CTCM130. Thanks to the Dragonskin coating, both grades are high performers and process-secure.


  • Wear-resistant grade for austenitic steels
  • High cutting speeds
  • For a smooth cut


  • Universal carbide grade
  • Good balance between toughness and elevated-temperature resistance
  • High level of reliability for machining austenitic or stainless steels


  • Tough carbide grade for interrupted cuts
  • Guaranteed process security
  • For lower cutting speeds and unstable conditions

Our product range of austenitic, stainless steels

The complete range for austenitic, stainless steels is characterised not just by the precise coordination of the grades, but also by the geometrical interchangeability of the chip breakers.

You can choose from three (negative inserts) or two (positive inserts) chip breakers to suit your application. Available in all three grades!

Overview of chip breakers – negative inserts

-F30: For the finishing of stainless steels

  • Continuous cut
  • High surface quality
  • Good chip control

First choice for stainless machining

  • Good chip control
  • Low burr formation
  • Low cutting forces
  • Low built-up edge formation
  • Can be used on unstable machines

 Light to medium rough machining

  • Stable cutting edge
  • Interrupted cuts
  • Forging skin and casting skin
* Cutting depth ap in mm | ** Feed f in mm/rev

Overview of chip breakers – positive inserts

-M25: First choice for fine to medium machining of stainless steels

  • High surface quality
  • Low built-up edge formation

-M55: First choice for medium machining through to roughing of stainless steels

  • Smooth to slightly interrupted cut
  • Good chip control
  • Stable cutting edge
* Cutting depth ap in mm | ** Feed f in mm/rev

Test report

Material: 1.4301; X5CrNi18-10
vc: 160 m/min
f: 0.35 mm/rev
ap: 1-3 mm

  End of tool life in min.
CTCM120 16.5
Competitor 1 8.8
Competitor 2 8.8
Competitor 3 7.7

This diagram illustrates the machining results produced by the new CVD-coated CTCM120 cutting material grade when turning austenitic, stainless steels. The grades were developed specifically for these V2A (e.g. 1.4301) and V4A (1.4545) material groups, which are the most commonly used stainless steels. During this trial, the new grade was compared with the established CTPM125 and the benchmark and was taken through to the end of the tool life. The new development from CERATIZIT excelled with over 50% increase in tool life compared to the competition!

The different coating technologies for the grades (PVD and CVD) enable us to adapt perfectly to the pretreatment of the material to be machined.
CERATIZIT Product Manager, Stefan Karl

Advantages and benefits of our ISO-M grades

  • Three steps and three grades seamlessly cover all application ranges for the machining of austenitic, stainless steels
    Clear, consistent range, easy selection of indexable inserts
  • CTCM120 – Highly wear-resistant grade for high cutting values
    The high cutting speed and longer service life increases productivity
  • CTPM125 – Universal grade for all applications, including slightly interrupted cuts
    For universal application with high reliability and outstanding performance
  • CTCM130 – Tough grade for interrupted cuts and difficult conditions
    For maximum process security and reduction of the reject rate