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Roughing at the highest level

With a depth of cut of ap 3.3 mm and maximum feed per tooth, the new HFC 19 high-feed milling system boasts phenomenal material removal rates, meaning that the system is primarily used when high chip volume and maximum process-security are required. The new indexable inserts feature a patented, rectangular geometry with a large radius and impress with nickel-plated tool holders, high rigidity and soft cutting capability. What’s more, stable contact surfaces ensure effective force transmission and minimise undesirable vibrations.

Advantages of the HFC19 system

  • Extremely high material removal rates  
    A depth of cut of up to 3.3 mm and maximum feeds make extremely efficient roughing operations possible.
  • Extremely quiet running
    Cutting forces are exerted primarily in the axial direction, minimising vibration and reducing stress on the spindle, even with long tool overhangs.
  • Maximum process security
    Thanks to optimised chip flutes and process-secure chip evacuation.
  • Effective force transmission
    Stable contact surfaces ensure effective force transmission.
  1. Process-secure due to optimised chip gullets for reliable chip evacuation
  2. Long service life thanks to nickel-plated, FEM-optimised tool holder
  3. Reduced wear due to MMS-optimised coolant supply
  4. XOLX19
    - High rigidity 
    As a result of the patented, rectangular cutting edge geometry and large radius

    - Stable with smooth cutting characteristics 
    Reduced power consumption and extremely quiet running; also ideal for machining unstable components 

    - High chip volume 
    Thanks to large depth of cut and maximum feed per tooth

Practical test

Material: Ti6Al4V (3.7165)
Indexable insert:
XOLX 190615ER-F40 HCN5240
Tool(s): AHFC.63.R.05-19

Application data Team Cutting Tools Competitor
vc in m/min 50 50
fz in mm 0.71 0.25
ap in mm 3.3 3
ae in mm 40 40
Cooling Emulsion Emulsion
Tool life/component 3 1