KomDrive | Facing Head

The slides of the facing heads are actuated mechanically through precision ground serrated rack components designed with maximum engagement of the teeth. The radial stroke is limited through fine adjustable internal stops for safety reasons. Sliding surfaces exhibit high hardness and excellent frictional characteristics through nitride treatment.

  • Low coefficient of friction through special surface treatment of the sliding components
  • Max. average backlash of 10 micrometers (0.0004 inches)
  • Compact slide designs including integrated ABS connections for highest rigidity and metal removal
  • High spindle speeds without compromising machining accuracy or service life
  • Precision manufacturing processes and extensive research and development warrant the highest technological level

1. PKE 101: Facing head with single slide with mounting holes in slide

2. PKD 101: Facing head with double slide with mounting holes in slide

3. PKU 101: Facing head with counterweighted with mounting holes in slide

4. PKE 104: Facing head with single slide with integrated SBA connection

5. PKE 103: Facing head with single slide with integrated ABS connection

6. PKU 103: Facing head with counterweighted with integrated ABS connection

Machining Examples for the tool holder

Contour Machining

External Grooving

Grooving and Facing

Face Turning towards Center

Boring and Facing

Internal Machining

Facing and Grooving

Drilling Taper and Boring

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