Rotating adapters

We have the right adapter for every rotating tool. For standard steep taper tools we offer (DIN 69871), MAS-BT, HSK (DIN 69893) and PSC (ISO 26623-1) for use on milling, drilling and machining centres, e.g. for HSK (DIN 69893) – the standard for maximum RPM – we offer heat shrink adapters with G 2.5 balance quality at an RPM of 25,000 rev/min. An additional reliability feature: our Centro-P collet chuck for demanding requirements on runout, repeatability and vibration damping.

Static adapters

When it comes to static adapters, we have the ideal tool for your application.
Whether VDI, HSK-T or PSC, our extensive standard range for static tool holders and driven tools on turning machines fulfills every requirement. For special applications, we are happy to produce custom solutions for you on request.