CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!: Prime-time event focussing on cutting tools

In these times where trade fairs are few and far between and direct contact with the customer is much more difficult, innovative approaches are required to reach our target groups. In light of this, we have developed a new presentation format that provides our customers with the ideal mixture of information, entertainment and interaction, all in a stylish TV-show format. 

What’s the idea behind?

Viewers could look forward to a 45-minute show which aimed to inform and entertain at the same time. The main characters were the cutting tools, but the audience had also been given lots of interesting glimpses behind the scenes at the tool manufacturer. For example, there was a live link to Paris for the opening of the new Innovation Center, where the innovative High Dynamic Turning technology and FreeTurn tools will be developed in future. 

Want some more in-depth insights?

Since there had been not enough time to discuss FreeTurn and the product innovation in detail without overrunning, we also have been broadcasting two  ‘insight’ programmes after the 45-minute ‘CERATIZIT – It’s Tool Time!’ show. These allowed ample time for discussing every topic, always with the winning combination of in-depth information and entertaining TV-show presentation. 

You missed the show?

Not tragic at all! You can now access all content here on demand, whenever you want.

It's Tool Time TV Show

Insight 1 - FreeTurn

Insight 2 - Product innovations