LiveTechPro – We don’t have to be there to be there

In these times of limited accessibility to shop floors and production facilities due to COVID-19, the manufacturing sector is continuing to support the economy by working in safe and managed environments. However, requirements for technical support to maximize cutting tool performance remains a priority. With our new LiveTechPro app, we provide a platform that allows our technical sales team and applications engineers the ability to have their eyes and ears there with you at your machines when you need them.     

Instant Technical Support with LiveTechPro

The technology behind LiveTechPro enables detailed discussions about a technical issue as if an engineer was on-site to provide you with an immediate response to a specific issue. Components can be highlighted on the screen, and downloaded, if necessary, to provide further technical guidance to deliver a solution. Benefits and features of LiveTechPro include:

  • Immediate and competent visual support to deliver technical assistance for machining issues or simply to help optimize processes
  • Live, bidirectional video and audio connection between the customer’s machine operator/production engineer and our technical support team
  • Reliable service that can be activated within seconds to ensure production continues to run smoothly
  • Additional cost and time savings that makes an effective contribution towards your CO2 footprint and sustainability efforts

Our eyes and ears in your machine

The LiveTechPro system allows for multiple levels of operation via smartphone or tablet, with conventional video being the starting point. However, it is also compatible with virtual reality technology to take support to the next level, with virtual hands-on support. “It is the next best thing to actually standing next to a machine, it will be our eyes and ears during these times of reduced personal contact when we cannot physically make a visit, as the interface between customer and CERATIZIT employee using Live TechPro is seamless and provides the reassurance that our technical sales and applications engineers don’t have to be there, to be there for them.”

Whilst our success has been built on the direct technical support our engineers give our customers on site and we would always want to work this way as a first choice, we are operating in extraordinary times and facing new challenges on a daily basis and ongoing support for our customers remains our main priority.
Tony Pennington, Managing Director, Ceratizit UK & Ireland

See how LiveTechPro helped a customer in India 

The challenge was to do larger diameters like 50mm to 100mm with L/D ratio more than 5 on a Turning Centre, resulting in high cutting forces. So the customer wanted one of our application engineers on site – but that time it was not possible due to the pandemic! That was the perfect case for introducing our new remote support tool LiveTechPro!

The LiveTechPro app can be downloaded directly in the Apple Store or Google Play Store:

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See in the videos how you can easily use our Remote Control Support: