Brake calliper machining

Resistant tools delivering maximum performance

Service life and performance are top of the list of requirements for tools used to machine truck brake callipers. That's why we combine our years of expertise in machining in the truck and automotive industry with a wide-ranging portfolio of tools designed specifically for this application.

1. Side and face milling cutter

Milling the entire hollow with maximum cutting values

  • Sturdy tangential indexable inserts
  • Eight usable cutting edges
  • Both surfaces and clearance are milled sequentially with a single tool
  • If required, can also be equipped with adjustable cutting edges to create a defined surface

2. KOMtronic U-axis with snap-on tool

U­-axis boring tool

  • Grooving the sealing ring groove and reverse internal turning
  • Both diameters can be corrected using the CNC control
  • Proven U-axis technology with a long service life for parts under mechanical strain

3. Counterboring tool

Counterboring the pin bores

  • Six-step counterboring tool
  • Combines two tools in one
  • Reduces the cycle time and costs per part thanks to sturdy indexable inserts
  • "Best-in-class" tool