Sustainabilty is not a goal, it’s a mission

We have an ambitious sustainability mission that will affect and change the entire supply chain. But we can only achieve true sustainability together. That's why our mission goes beyond our own scope: We want to enable our customers to produce more sustainably with our products and services. With our ambitious mission, we want to make an important contribution to tackling the climate crisis.

Together for sustainability

The topic of sustainability will permeate all areas of our company and set new standards for cooperation with our partners and customers. To make our sustainability activities visible and to underline the importance of working together for sustainability, we have developed our own label: connACT.

A creative fusion of the two words "connected" and "action" that expresses exactly what it is all about: moving together, joining forces, and taking action for sustainability.

Our vision: Leader in sustainability

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. By 2025, we aim to be the sustainability leader for the hard metals and cutting tool industry. Therefore, we are implementing sustainability measures along the entire value chain. 

How do we plan to achieve our vision and carry out our mission?

Our sustainability strategy

To implement our ambitious sustainability mission throughout the company, we involve the entire value chain. Our sustainability strategy not only relates to internal processes and resources. It also sets new standards for collaboration with our partners - in terms of environmental, social and governance criteria, or ESG for short.

We know that there are many areas to consider. In the first step, we are increasingly focusing on the aspects with the greatest leverage: climate neutrality and circular economy.

Mission #1: Carbon neutral by 2025

We recognise our responsibility to be good stewards to the climate and are going to great lengths to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We think we can do better and aim to be net zero by 2040.

  • By 2025: Carbon neutral, emissions reduced by 35% 
  • By 2030: Combined reduction of 60%
  • By 2040: Net zero, emissions reduced by 75%

Mission #2: Reduce the use of virgin raw materials

To reduce the mining of virgin raw materials, our mission is to increase the share of raw materials remaining in the carbide production chain to over 95% by 2030 (based on scrap recycling rates of sintered products).



With our CT-GS20Y grade we launched the first cemented carbide on the market with a product carbon footprint (PCF). The PCF makes it possible to calculate the CO2e savings for individual grades/products.