Hexagonal roughing insert - for maximum efficiency in bar peeling

The globally unique and patented hexagonal roughing insert stands out in every material application and the distinctive insert geometry delivers significant benefits in the production of bright steel. Combined with the newly developed clamping system, it is a real all-purpose tool for users during bar peeling.

The ideal chip breaker for any material

With the hexagonal roughing insert, users are prepared for every material application. Specially developed chip breakers with a tailored cutting edge design guarantee the best results during bar peeling, be it in short-chipping or long-chipping materials.

-R57 chip breaker
Optimum geometry for general steel materials.

-R51 chip breaker
Specially tailored for soft or tough materials such as stainless steel and Ni-based alloys.


  • HNMH roughing insert, can be used on one side
  • HNMJ roughing insert, can be used on two sides

Get the most out of your machining process: achieve the best results in combination with a suitable cartridge system, which enables faster cutting edge exchange thanks to the new patented clamping method.

The innovative Dragonskin coating with the latest nano coating technology produces an extremely smooth tool surface and ensures perfect chip clearance. You benefit from the longest tool life and maximum process security.

6 corners - 6 key benefits!

Perfect positioning in the cartridge

The position of the indexable insert in the cartridge is defined geometrically with precision by the 6-edge outside profile. 6 high performance cutting edges guarantee optimum use of the indexable insert.

→ No rotation or self-loosening in the production process.

Reduction in machine drive power

Shortened length of cut of the cutting edge compared to the RNMH 5018 roughing insert reduces power consumption by up to a factor of 0.7 at a maximum depth of cut of 12 mm.

→ Lower load on the cutting edge reduces insert breakages.

Optimised roughing surface on the bar

The finish cutting edge integrated in the roughing insert improves the surface quality on the bar.

  1. RNMH 5018 roughing insert
  2. HNMH roughing insert
→ Improved tool life of the subsequent finishing insert due to consistent usage conditions.

First roughing indexable insert with protective chamfer

Protective chamfers partially applied to the cutting edge stabilise the cutting edge in exposed areas.

→ Reduces vibrations and improves both the cutting and wear properties of the indexable insert.

Uncoated seating surfaces

Improved heat dissipation through grinding off of the Al2O3 coating on the seating surfaces.

→ Increased tool life due to improved heat dissipation from the carbide insert into the steel tool slide.

Double the number of cutting edges for HNMJ insert

The double-sided version offers 12 high performance cutting edges.

→ Reduced costs per cutting edge.