Our three benefits in medical technology

Fully tested tools - ideal for sensitive components

Cytotoxicity testing: The first step to ensuring biocompatibility

  • Our cutting materials undergo in vitro cytotoxicity testing*
  • Results are reliably confirmed by an accredited laboratory
  • Perfect for sensitive components that come into contact with the body
  • Proof available in the form of certificates

The test for in vitro cytotoxicity (to check whether the substance is toxic to a living cell and causes the cell to decay) is the initial test for demonstrating biocompatibility.

Many of our tools meet this criterion. Consequently, they are safe to use with sensitive components, i.e. in cases where serious secondary damage could potentially occur as a result of a coating rubbing off a tool or if carbide residue were to be left behind. 

The test laboratory has been accredited by the German accreditation body.

100% vertical integration = 100% trust

Passion for carbide - from ore to the finished product

Trust and reliability are absolutely vital. Because we have our own supply of raw materials, we can promise you "identical" products of the highest quality every time.

  • Own supply of raw materials
  • From the powder right through to the finished product
  • Every stage remains within the CERATIZIT Group
  • Constant checks and inspections in accordance with our quality guidelines
  • In-house development, production and coating facilities

Acting sustainably for the sake of our health

The key to sustainability: effectiveness

  • Conserving resources
  • Improving production processes
  • Using existing capacity to the full

With a view to ensuring sustainability, effectiveness can be significantly improved in relation to both the tools themselves and their applications.

Here at CERATIZIT, the priorities that lie at the heart of our new developments are: minimising the energy and CO2 footprints, and reducing the costs associated with manufacturing your components. 

Examples of acting sustainably

Strategy: trochoidal turning

  • Longer tool life
  • Shorter machining times
  • Lower energy requirements
  • Higher efficiency

Innovative tool: FreeTurn

  • Machine potential fully utilised
  • Reduction in the number of tools
  • Much more effective machining
  • Higher efficiency
  • Positive impact on component quality

Reduction in raw materials: MultiLock

  • Fewer carbide raw materials
  • High machining power
  • Lower grinding costs
  • Energy savings during manufacture and use
  • Lower weight = lower transport costs