MaxiChange: Limitless possibilities for turning and grooving

A wide range of turning and grooving applications are possible with the MaxiChange flexible exchangeable head system

The MaxiChange exchangeable head system, with its numerous base holders through to its vibration-damped boring bars, has become a flexible solution for a wide range of turning and grooving operations. Furthermore, all MaxiChange exchangeable cutting heads are equipped with an internal coolant supply for efficient cutting edge cooling that helps to ensure a longer tool life and guaranteed process security.  


Advantages/benefits of the MaxiChange exchangeable head system for turning and grooving

  • Modular
    → All heads and base holders are compatible with each other
  • Flexible
    → Can be used for a wide range of turning and grooving applications
  • Extensive
    → Wide range of exchangeable heads and base holders
  • Economical
    → Exchangeable cutting heads to increase base holder service life
  • Efficient
    → Rapid tool change, unbeatable changeover precision, exceptional stability
  • Process-secure
    → Internal coolant supply for a reduction in chip jams and tool wear


If complex components need to be produced in small to medium batch sizes, usually this requires many different machining processes on the workpiece. When it comes to making sure that there is still enough space in the machine turret despite this, particularly stable exchangeable head systems like our MaxiChange are proven time and space savers. They reduce storage costs due to their compatibility with all base holders, while only the head needs to be changed for different tasks. At the same time, they shorten setup times and in doing so contribute to increased productivity together with absolute process security.

Easy handling

The MaxiChange exchangeable head system is known for its quick and easy tool change feature. When designing the system, the focus was on unbeatable changeover precision and outstanding stability. Added to this, the MaxiChange system is modular, extremely flexible and can be used for a variety of applications thanks to the wide selection of exchangeable heads.  

We have engineered the system for maximum changeover precision and exceptional stability. At the same time, the modular design means it is extremely flexible and can be used for a variety of applications thanks to its wide selection of exchangeable heads.
Paul Höckberg, Product Manager Grooving Tools

Perfect match: The vibration-damped boring bars combined with the variable MaxiChange exchangeable heads

The concept of the vibration-damped boring bar combined with the interchangeable cutting heads is flawless, in particular for operations with long overhangs and a tendency for vibrations.

You're guaranteed perfect surface quality from the vibration-damped boring bar in the variable exchangeable head system in combination with our ISO-M grades CTCM120 and CTCM130 for high-performance turning operations in stainless materials. ​

See the difference for yourself in the video. ​

Of course, the system also works with all other ISO indexable inserts, such as the multi-use grade CTPX710 for a wide range of applications in steel, stainless steel, super alloys and non-ferrous metals.

Increase in productivity through suppressed vibrations

  • Improved surface quality
  • Improved process security
  • Improved chip clearance
  • Longer tool service life
  • Protection of the machine spindle

→ Reduced costs per component with improved quality

Result with conventional boring bar
Result with vibration-damped boring bar

MaxiChange: Variable exchangeable head system with a wealth of options

Exchangeable heads

For negative inserts

PCLN 95°

PDUN 93°

PDQN 107.5°

PWLN 95°

For positive inserts

SCLC 95°

SDUC 93°

SDQC 107.5°

SVPC 117.5°

SVUC 93°

SVQC 107.5°

For internal threads


Grooving tools

For radial grooving

GX 16

For axial grooving

GX 24




Actively vibration-damped



Actively vibration-damped

Cylindrical shank

Actively vibration-damped

Square shank holder 0°

Square shank holder 90°

If you would like to find out more about our MaxiChange exchangeable head system for turning and grooving, get in touch with one of our experts for advice today.

Our customer service center is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (EST).

Remain flexible, even during grooving operations

The product range for the MaxiChange GX modular grooving system incorporates all the advantages of the exchangeable head system – for internal and external machining, and for axial and radial grooving.

The matching GX 16 and GX 24 indexable inserts are available in a large selection for all materials. ​





Good to know: Axial grooving applications – what do you need to look out for?

Key when it comes to the tool design is the diameter of the axial groove. You will find there's a DAXN and a DAXX diameter, both of which play an important role in the axial grooving application. ​

The corresponding tool holders are divided into different diameter ranges, depending on which diameters can be machined with them. Be very careful when making the selection, because if the wrong tool holders are selected for the axial grooving application, there is a danger of collision and therefore a high risk to process security.

Selecting the right grooving tool holder

Select the diameter of the first groove (DAXN & DAXX). When doing so, use the tool for the largest diameter to be produced. Axial tools for larger diameters have a smaller curvature and are therefore more stable and rigid, while the chip can also be better controlled.

An absolute must: the right indexable insert for grooving

It is also essential that you select the right indexable insert. You will find help on this in our Toolfinder and the description of the chip breakers also contains corresponding information on which inserts are suitable for axial machining.

Optimum cutting values for grooving

You can also find the correct cutting values and feed rates in our catalogue. The figures vary depending on the material to be machined and the carbide grade of the indexable insert. The feed rates must be reduced by approx. 40% to ensure process-secure machining. This information is provided directly adjacent to the feed recommendation. ​

Keep a cool head with an internal coolant supply

To avoid chip problems and ensure the highest possible process security, we recommend using an internal coolant supply – as with our new MaxiChange GX exchangeable heads.