High Dynamic Turning (HDT) with FreeTurn - programming

We have revolutionised turning with High Dynamic Turning (HDT) and FreeTurn. Roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning, now all possible with just one tool! But how do I program my machine so that I can use FreeTurn and High Dynamic Turning (HDT)?

Innovative machining cycles simplify programming

For many, using just one tool for different turning processes may seem complicated. But that is changing. Due to the latest developments in programming on the machine, such as CAM-based remote programming, HDT and FreeTurn are as straightforward to use as any other turning technology. These systems are becoming increasingly popular, with new ones being continuously rolled out onto the market.

DMG Mori, for example, is offering a proprietary, integrated FreeTurn cycle in its control systems. This cycle comprises a complete FreeTurn tool library and a simplified programming system which can be used to optimise the setting angle for individual cuts. Currently, only dynamic adjustment of the setting angle during cutting is not supported.

CNC PILOT 640 from Heidenhain offers even more possibilities

The turning machine control system CNC PILOT 640 from Heidenhain offers even more possibilities for programming the FreeTurn. The recently introduced feature for 3-axis simultaneous turning is presented as a solution that is seamlessly integrated into the control system.

The dialog-controlled Free-Turn package enables parameters such as maximum width of cut, desired clearance angle, permissible setting angle ranges and various machining strategies to be entered directly on the machine and adjusted to the specific machining application when running in the program.

The CNC PILOT 640 is no longer just "HDT-Ready"; it has already mastered "Full-HDT" software and programming. Not least thanks to the roughing cycle, which generates optimum machining paths on any turning contours, including entry and exit movements whilst taking into account the tool contour. Visual inspection is also possible through full simulation of the processes on the control system screen.

Even users that do not work with DMG Mori or Heidenhain can program HDT FreeTurn manually on the machine. To do so, enter the ISO/G codes statically (constant setting angle) or dynamically directly on the NC control system, whereby the setting angle can be adjusted for optimum chip control. Both methods are supported by the innovative Cutting Angle Compass. The programming value for the setting angle of the cutting edge in relation to the component can be determined using our calliper-like tool.

Programming FreeTurn with the CAD/CAM system from GibbsCAM

Some users prefer programming that is separate from the machine. An increasing number of CAM systems with HDT functions are already becoming available for this purpose. One of these is hyperMILL from OPEN MIND, which was recently introduced together with FreeTurn in “Insight 1” of the "It's Tool Time" programme.

A recent HDT newcomer in the field of CAM systems is CAMBRIO with GibbsCAM. At the start of December, the company impressively demonstrated that it can not only program FreeTurn, but is also capable of translating the dynamic movement into an NC code and applying this on the machine!

Learn about how easy programming is in this video:

High Dynamic Turning with FreeTurn is also very easy to program and implement with Siemens NX. With the FreeTurn tool, the programmer can use all the turning operations that NX offers. The programming of FreeTurn is therefore identical to conventional tools in day to day operations.

Other CAM suppliers, such as TopSolid, have recognised the potential of High Dynamic Turning and are working on integrating FreeTurn into their CAM software. Those familiar with CAM systems will therefore feel at home right away with the creation and transfer of HDT and FreeTurn tool paths directly onto the tool machine.

Cutting Angle Compass

The "Cutting Angle Compass" is a helpful aid for finding the correct position of the FreeTurn tool. It is used to find the suitable angle value for programming quickly and easily.

Please get in touch with your sales contact to obtain a "Cutting Angle Compass". 

Putting theory into practice. Real chips with FreeTurn, programmed with GibbsCAM

How extensive are the cost savings with HDT and FreeTurn?

HDT and FreeTurn save time, reduce tool stock, increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. We were able to demonstrate all of this in our plant in Besigheim. Read the story here.

Why is High Dynamic Turning (HDT) with FreeTurn better than conventional turning?

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How does our FreeTurn master the machining of steel?

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