WTX Micro - High-performance deep drill

Micro specialists for universal use

Even when working in micro dimensions, the WTX Micro produces the accustomed high WTX Performance drilling quality up to 30xD while maintaining maximum positioning accuracy. 

The 5xD version has been designed as a pilot drill for the WTX Micro deep hole drill, creating the perfect conditions for the micro deep hole drilling process. The outstanding self-centring characteristics of the micro drills mean pilot-drilling/centring can be dispensed with up to and including 8xD.

Whether it is steel, cast iron materials or heat-resistant materials/alloys – our WTX Micro can take on anything!
CERATIZIT Product Manager, Manuel Keller

Reliable processes thanks to optimised geometry and our Dragonskin coating

  • Special drill point guarantees maximum positioning accuracy and outstanding centring properties
  • Lapped surfaces and patented chip space openings allow for rapid and reliable chip removal
  • Innovative Dragonskin DPX74M coating makes the WTX Micro resistant to heat and wear
  • Spiral coolant holes and a Power chamber along the whole shank length ensure optimum cooling of the cutting edges, significantly extending tool life
  • Process security and tight tolerances are the priority in the performance specification – and the WTX Micro has been successfully engineered for this very purpose
  • Ultra-fine grain carbide ensures consistently outstanding tool quality

The WTX Micro drills are equipped with the innovative DPX74M coating to make them even more resistant against wear and heat.

The WTX Micro comes in diameters ranging from 0.8 to 2.90 mm and lengths of 5xD, 8xD, 12xD, 16xD and 20xD. 
The WTX Micro high-performance deep hole drills are available in the 1.00 to 2.90 mm range in lengths of 25xD and 30xD.