Milling tools and indexable inserts for machining

HSS milling cutters

Our range includes HSS milling cutters for all common applications. These are available as uncoated or high-quality TiCN- and Ti 100XL-coated HSS milling cutters which allow extremely high feed and cutting speeds. And, to meet the most rigorous of demands, we have our "Powder steel milling cutter" milling tools made from powder metallurgically produced HSS with high wear resistance and elevated-temperature hardness for greater application parameters and longer tool lives compared to the standard HSS.

Solid carbide milling cutters

Our solid carbide milling tools ensure you always do a good job: We stock all common tool types, from Micro cutters for die production to HPC roughing cutters for mechanical engineering. In addition to this, end mills with different edge designs, ball nose end milling cutters, torus cutters and special milling cutters for machining steel (including stainless or hardened), heat-resistant alloys, cast iron, aluminium or plastic. For the most stringent demands, we have our MonsterMill cutters: the specialists for high-performance machining of steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Milling tools with indexable inserts

We offer system milling tools with indexable inserts for face milling, shoulder milling, high-feed milling through to systems for die production. We use the extra-hard Highlight coating on all of our new milling tool holders with indexable inserts for increased durability and a longer tool holder life. And don't forget the Dragonskin coating, our solution for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and heat-resistant alloys.

Exchangeable head system

The "MultiChange" enables an extremely fast tool change. Designed to be durable and for a very high radial run-out accuracy, this exchangeable head system is probably the most stable and precise exchangeable head system on the market. There is a suitable exchangeable head for almost every application.