Application examples for ToolScope

Process-reliable milling through the use of the latest tool technologies

This is how intelligent manufacturing works: Save 90% process time!

See for yourself how reliable milling can be achieved by using the latest tool technologies, innovative CAM solutions and reliable process monitoring with ToolScope.

Not all vices are the same: a comparison between our X5G-Z vs. a competitor's vice.

Here the vibration sensor from ToolScope shows what it is capable of: It was able to prove and evaluate the functionality of the dampers to achieve the primary goal, the best possible surfaces. This was achieved this using a combination of the 5-axis vice, the fixture for heavy rough machining with SilverLine cutters and the Toolscope process monitoring system.

Automation of production

Thanks to the combination of ToolScope and the high-precision measuring device spike®_mobile, digital process monitoring of the processing machine is optimized successfully. In this way, we contribute to the reliable automation of production.

Your advantages with a combination of these digital systems:

  • precise monitoring signal (even with small forces)
  • live process monitoring to safeguard the process
  • direct machine feedback
  • documentation and digitalisation

Process monitoring down to the smallest part

In our webinar you will learn everything about process monitoring and tool monitoring with ToolScope and the measuring device spike®_mobile.

 A practical example from the customer's everyday life based on a real component

ToolScope makes process monitoring multi-dimensional and can be adapted to individual requirements, as this practical example at the customer shows:

1. Cycle time reduction of up to 15%.
Finishing with adaptive feed control

2. Increased process reliability by up to 25 %
Overturning and countersinking of the fuel connection with process monitoring

3. Tool life increase by up to 30 %

  • various drilling, turning and milling operations with wear monitoring
  • with ToolScope, the tool life reserves of the tool are optimally utilized